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Shola Animashaun Photography Academy

Shola Animashaun Photography Academy is the premier hand-on photography training academy in Nigeria. Established over a decade ago, our main aim is to help turn your passion for photography into a profitable profession.

Our teaching style helps you study both traditional and digital photography in a creative, real-world environment that expands your technical abilities across a variety of tools and platforms.

Shola Animashaun Photography Academy helps you create a cohesive body of work that demonstrates your skills, showcases your personal voice, and prepares you for cutting-edge careers in this vibrant and evolving industry.



What to learn

Introduction to DSLRs, Basic Techniques, Creative Techniques, Camera Modes, White Balances, Image quality settings, Creative Composition, Understanding light, Shutter Speeds, How camera works, Optics, Lenses & Focus, Depth of Field, Handling and caring for your digital camera.


What to learn

The Anatomy of studio lighting systems, Equipment Essentials, Light Modifiers and how to use them, Studio Lighting Styles, Direction of light, Understanding Shadows, Metering Techniques, 1-Light setup, 2-light setup, Multiple lights set up, Working / Photoshoot with models, artiste. Studio photography etiquettes.


What to learn

How to start a photography business, Working from home, Making money from your photography, Social Media for photographers, How to get new clients and keep the existing ones, Steps to profitable photography, Mistakes photographers make and how to avoid them, Photography marketing, Photography business building strategies, Business plan for photographers, Time management for photography pros, Online and offline marketing, What works, what won’t.


What to learn

Introduction to Photoshop, Photoshop Basics, Key photoshop skills for essential fixes, Key photoshop skills for working with layers, Cloning and healing tips, Understanding Photoshop tools, Non destructive Photoshop editing, Professional retouching techniques, Dodge and burn, Changing background colors, Multiplicity in photoshop, Composite editing etc, Sharpen shots the smarter way.


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