The Apprenticeship / Mentoring Program

When I started photography years back, one of the most challenging path was finding a place where I can learn hands-on practical photography skills a non-jargon way . You know what? I could not find.

The pros I was looking up to were either too busy to spare a little time sharing from their wealth of knowledge or mentoring was just not a major forte.

Fast forward a decade, I’ve horned my skills the hard way, learned what works and what doesn’t. Worked for individuals and corporate clients paying attention to details and briefs within and out of the country, spoken at several conferences, taught at several photography masterclasses.

If you want to take your photography further within a dedicated time period then this is a great program for you. This will not only save you time but give you unlimited access to Shola Animashaun for a month.

You will benefit first hand from years of experience servicing several industries, learn communication skills that breaks the ice and ensure repeat business time and time again.
Our apprenticeship program has been ongoing for the past three years you too can make the most of it.

Is Photography Mentorship/Apprenticeship Right for You?

Having a photography mentor can be extremely rewarding for those who are starting out in the field of photography even more so for those that are experienced and want to leverage on the experience of a tried and trusted veteran in the photography industry.

It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on photography equipment without developing the necessary skill set to make the most of your investment.
This apprenticeship programme allows you to develop an in-depth capabilities of your camera and learn the skills to make the most of your creative potentials. It can also give you the knowledge to generate an income from photography or even pursue it as a career. Whatever your incentive, you will have access to Shola’s knowledge and experience for a whole month or more according to your preferred choice of length of time with the academy.

A Few Housekeeping Note

Our specialities are fundamentals of digital photography, studio photography, wedding and engagement photography, fashion photography, video production and business of photography. Photoshop for photographers; we only mentor within our specialities and platforms we’ve won awards being best at recently.

This mentoring program gives you more time with the academy and automatically makes you a part of our business and social media team where you will learn how to “put your name and services out there” using our wealth of industry experience. This gives you a first class access to be a part of the course you want to be proficient at.

We gear our apprenticeship / mentorships to those who believe they need more time to focus on particular niche(s) in photography over a time period to be better and exceptional.

We encourage you to provide gear during our apprenticeship /mentorships program, but if you don’t have basic tools i.e camera, Studio strobes you can use our professional equipment while with us.

You can register to be a part of our apprenticeship and mentoring programme for more than a month if you desire broader knowledge in the areas we provide mentoring.
Apprenticeship/ mentorship fees do not cover the cost of your travel, accommodations or other expenses you may incur

Apprentices are first considered before regular students, it’s seen as the business class of photography training.

Mentoring involves constructive criticism and feedback, you must be willing to accept feedback with an open mind if you want to get most of your mentorship

The idea of our mentoring program is for you to have someone you can trust to give you support and photography advice on a regular basis. Experienced photographers and educators who can look at your photographs with an experienced eye and help you improve within a time period.
Give you one-to-one advice to help you take the kind of pictures you like and give you feedback on your work so that your ability and confidence improve. It is photography guidance an advice not criticism. We are experienced teachers and educators and we know how to help you improve and thrive.

Benefits of The Mentoring Program

  • You will get to work with other professionals like models, makeup artist, art directors, producers and other photographers
  • You will have a minimum of two portfolio assignment executed by you, supervised by us
  • You will learn communication techniques that breaks ice and helps you engage potential clients
  • You will focus on your choice genre of photography with the aim of specializing in the genre over a time period
  • You will gain career progression with this program
  • You will network and build connections
  • You will learn the business side of photography
  • You will get fist hand feedback on your performance
  • Problem solving opportunities
  • You will develop practical technical, creative skills to fulfil your potential
  • Receive support and advice from experienced instructors
  • Benefit from our occasional photo tour

This Program is the Best for you if:

  • You are a beginner or intermediate photographer
  • You have the technical zing’ but you are not happy with your photos, they just don’t stand out.
  • You want to build better portfolio
  • You want to create better images that will get you other photography gigs and assignments
  • You want ongoing support and a community of creative photographers.
  • You want to take better pictures and don’t want to get hung up on technical jargons
  • You have been taking pictures for a while and you want to go to the next level
  • Apprenticeship program for a month is N250,000

Students Engagement with the Tutor